◉ What is Announcify ?

Announcify is built by heart app to help merchants boost their sales with our announcements’ app: with unlimited Announcements, forms, discounts, countdown & much more & more…

◉ Why is my announcement not showing up ?

Your page is probably cached.

Browsers tend to cache pages for faster loading. Therefore, changes to your page does not usually happen instantly, and your browser keeps showing you an older version of your website. To see a live version of your website, you can clear your browser cache or use a private browser window to visit your website.

Your Announcement is probably not published.

Make sure your announcement is published.

◉ How to insert the bar in a custom location ?

If you need to insert your announcement bar in a location other than the standard top or bottom positions, you can choose to do so from your announcement’s settings.

In your announcement settings, head to “Settings” tab. Under “VISIBILITY” , choose “Custom” from position drop down. Then insert the id of the div you want to show inside.

◉ How do I temporarily hide my bar ?

If you’d like to hide your bar but keep its configuration for future use, you can simply unpublish it.

Navigate to the app’s dashboard, find your announcement, and switch publish/unpublish switcher as in the picture below. That should prevent the bar from showing up on your store but won’t delete it from the app.

◉ What is the charge for installing this app ?

The installation of this app is completely free.

◉ Can i Animate my announcement ?

Yes, totally you can, navigate to the Appearance tab and scroll to Animate Your Announcement.

Also, you can animate each announcement element individually.

◉ Is it possible to schedule announcements ?

Yes, totally you can, From Announcement’s Settings, scroll to the bottom to SCHEDULE Section and select make a range to set the date interval you want to display the announcement on you store.

◉ Can I Turn off/pause the whole app ?

Yes. You can, go to app Settings and switch off the App Status switcher:

◉ Can I Preview my announcement before publishing it?

Yes, all you need to do, go to “My Announcements” and search for the announcement you want to preview and click on the icon on actions column as shown below:

If you have any question, contact us at contact@announcify.app